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Why did Tolerant decide to create a Legume pasta?

Tolerant was born with a desire to make people feel great. Tolerant’s founders believed that living a healthy lifestyle should be simple for anyone, despite allergies or food intolerances. Legumes are low on the allergen scale, digested more slowly, full of plant-based, sustainable protein and fiber, and low on the glycemic index. Thus, Tolerant plant-based legume pastas were born!

Tolerant’s mission is to provide simple, wholesome, plant-based Organic food, that anyone can enjoy.

What is Tolerant?

Tolerant is designed to make a difference in the lives of those who seek healthier lifestyles, have food intolerances or dietary restrictions through naturally powerful, plant-based foods. Tolerant is a minimally processed legume-based pasta line, made with a single Organic ingredient.

How do you see wheat alternative products affecting pasta and other wheat industries?

Rather than using legume pastas as an alternative, many consumers use them in addition to their traditional pasta repertoire to increase consumption of plant-based products. Additionally, flexitarians who are introducing more plant-based foods into their diets may enjoy adding legume pasta to their repertoire. Finally, we know that many people have diet restrictions that do not allow them to enjoy traditional semolina pastas, so this product provides those people with a delicious way to enjoy pasta again.

Is the legume flour you source at any risk of contamination with glyphosate?

Tolerant uses chickpea and lentil flour sourced from strictly selected and approved suppliers, and systematically implements an analytical control plan to control and guarantee food safety on different parameters, including glyphosate. This analytical control plan guarantees the safety of raw materials and finished products. The results of tests conducted on our legume flours show that glyphosate is mostly not quantifiable and, in any event, in compliance with current regulations.

How do you make Tolerant pasta?

Tolerant pastas are made using a simple but proprietary process, which is very similar to how one would make traditional pasta. The Legume flour is mixed with water, kneaded and pressed through a die to form the shapes.


Is legume pasta better for the environment?

Tolerant pastas were created to contribute to people’s wellbeing by providing a great-tasting way to enjoy plant-based proteins and fiber, while also being grain free. In general, eating a plant-based diet contributes positively to the environment, as meat production takes a larger toll due to water and waste usage, and carbon emissions. Legumes are also at the base of the Environmental Pyramid as they have less impact on natural resources than other foods.

What retailers sell Tolerant pasta?

In addition to being available on Amazon, Thrive.com, and other online e-tailers, Tolerant is available nationwide at Whole Foods, and at select Kroger, Safeway, and natural/specialty stores around the country. Find a store near you here.

What are the benefits to Tolerant legume pastas over other competitor products?

While there are similar products on the market, Tolerant’s offering is made with just one organic ingredient. It has no fillers or binders, like Xanthan Gum or Tapioca starch, and tastes absolutely delicious, like traditional pasta. We encourage you to try it and see for yourself!

Why doesn’t Tolerant contain ingredients like Xanthan gum or tapioca starch?

We were able to make a high-quality product that holds firm without the use of these ingredients. We encourage you to give us a try and see what you think compared to others.

What have you done differently than the competition to ensure it appeals to consumer taste and/or texture preferences?

We worked tirelessly to make a single-ingredient pasta that provides a delicious pasta taste and texture. We are adamant about creating a pasta that holds and tastes like traditional pasta, with the benefits of using legumes. Because pasta is a simple food, putting extra care behind each step of the method was essential in perfecting our product, from selecting only the highest quality ingredients to evaluating each step of the production process.

How does cooking legume pasta differ from cooking wheat pasta?

Preparation of legume pastas is slightly shorter than traditional pasta. In addition, we recommend using plenty of water to boil, as some foam may appear while cooking – this is normal when cooking legumes. And, do not overcook, and rinse after draining to stop the cooking process. For best results, cook according to package directions.

Should I soak the noodles prior to cooking, like I would with regular legumes?

We do not recommend soaking Tolerant pasta. For best results, cook according to package directions.

Are Tolerant legumes used soaked or sprouted?

No, the legumes are thoroughly rinsed prior to processing, but are not soaked or sprouted.

What ingredients should you pair with Tolerant pastas?

Because Tolerant is already an excellent source of plant-based protein, we recommend simply tossing your pasta with extra virgin olive oil, your favorite vegetables, or pesto! It is also great in soups, stews, and topped on a chilled salad. Use Tolerant just as you would regular pasta!

What are the health benefits to eating legume pastas?

Tolerant legume pastas provide all the nutrition benefits of legumes – an excellent source of plant-based protein an excellent source of fiber. It is low on the glycemic index and provides a full serving of vegetables.

Does the pasta contain wheat? Is it safe for gluten free consumers to eat?

Tolerant pastas do not contain wheat, as they are made from one simple ingredient – legume flour. The pastas are all certified gluten free and run on gluten free production lines. Tolerant pastas are also completely grain-free.

Is Tolerant organic?

Tolerant pasta is certified USDA Organic.

What types of dietary plans is Tolerant suitable for?

Tolerant is certified Gluten Free and Vegan, but for specific dietary plans, we recommend speaking to your healthcare professional.

Does allergen-free include eggs and nuts?

Yes, Tolerant is free from the Top 8 allergens, including eggs and nuts. All lines are thoroughly cleaned between runs per GMP and FDA protocols.

Why are there so many carbs in Tolerant pasta?

Legume pasta is not a low-carb food, however net carbs are decreased by a high-level of fiber. That said, not all carbs are created equal, and Tolerant products offer a source of whole, Organic, plant-based carbohydrates.

If Tolerant products are low in sodium, where does the sodium come from?

Many foods, including legumes, contain some amount of sodium as part of their natural composition.