Create a healthy plate!

A healthy plate should include something from each food group to provide a balanced, healthy, nutritious meal. Over the years, the food group pyramid has changed and now is represented by colorful shapes on a plate but one thing hasn’t changed, eating right is important. We don’t always eat right, but the body feels and performs better when it is fueled by real food with real nutrients. How many times are we guilty of loading up on one or two of the food groups and neglecting the rest?  Not sure we should really count…


What we do know is that preparing a healthy plate takes time, effort and a trip to the store. Some days you are so busy that you realize you had a bag of chips and a coffee and it’s 4pm!  Eating poorly zaps our energy and leaves the body running inefficiently and then wonder why we are tired, and looking for something to get us through the day. There is no reason your body should have to miss out on the goodness it needs to be at its best. A healthy plate can be achieved with a solution that doesn’t come frozen, out of lab or involve complicated preparation.


With little to no planning, a nutritious meal can come together in just 8-10 minutes. I know sounds crazy but it’s true!  Most prepared meals are loaded with sodium, and lots of ingredients that you can’t pronounce and don’t really hold much nutritional value but they are convenient and it’s better than coffee and chips, right? WRONG! A healthy, easy to prepare and eat meal shouldn’t be full of sodium, ingredients you can’t pronounce or empty calories but should be a nutritious and delicious meal that makes your plate healthy! How can it be that easy?


It is as simple as opening a box of pasta, yep you heard that correctly!  Did you know that ONE box of legume pasta holds the secret fulfilling ¾ of the daily plate requirement? That’s right ¾ of the plate in one box! One product made from one single ingredient. It is so easy it’s almost too good to be true.


A 3oz serving of legume pasta (depending on legume variety) literally contains:

  • 20 or more grams of protein
  • 46-62% of daily requirement fiber
  • ONE full serving of vegetables


With legume pasta, prep is easy, and you can top with anything you like or just toss with some olive oil – it’s totally up to you but even just the noodles give you ¾ of a healthy plate! Make your plate a healthier plate more times than not, it doesn’t get much easier!


Taste the goodness and feel the difference with Tolerant!