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Emily H.

This is my favorite pasta and I recommend it to all friends and family as a healthier alternative to regular white pasta. My vegan friends have been enjoying it and finally, have an easy protein source with dinner.

Anita C.

I’m not a die hard pasta lover, but I AM a die hard BEAN LOVER!! I stumbled upon your products through my Thrive Market membership and I am totally sold!!! I like having versatility in my bean consumption without always blending the beans. Your product is amazing. I even sold my pasta loving sister on it 😄

Tamika J.

I recently started incorporating Gluten-Free Pasta into my Plant-Based Lifestyle due to the fact that, I simply love pasta & don’t want to consume White Flour Based Products any longer. I had used two other brands by the time I found Tolerant Chickpea Rotini in my local Health Food Market. I am so pleased to say that Tolerant is my new favorite & it not containing Tapioca is a super bonus! Texture, taste, and ingredients have me sold!!

Atlantis V.

I absolutely love this pasta. The kids don’t even know it’s lentil pasta. It is full of protein and fiber which is what they need. I don’t feel guilty anymore about them not eating enough veggie. Our favorite is the red lentil penne pasta!

Heather M.

This is the best gluten free pasta ever! Both the taste and texture are great! My favorite is the green lentil penne!

Kait B.

Our family doesn’t really eat a whole lot of meat, so we rely a lot on legumes and fresh produce for protein. Finding this pasta was like a magical moment for me, as I’m a pasta addict…I made a dish last night and it was a hit with the whole family! Can’t wait to try it with more recipes!!!

Jay D.

The red lentil rotini is delicious and nutritious! I love having a pasta dish that isn’t just a ton of empty carbs and is something both my boyfriend and I can enjoy, as we’re both vegan and he’s gluten intolerant. Thank you, Tolerant Foods!!

Lisa G.

I was surprised at how much I liked this pasta! I loved that it was just one ingredient and provided so much protein! I didn’t really need any extra sources of protein with my meal with this. I loved it plain with just some olive oil.


No joke I could eat the chickpea pasta every night!

Alex C.

It’s my favorite pasta by far!

Linda H.

Being gluten free for health reasons, I found so many GF pastas that tasted awful…until I discovered Tolerant…Finally!! A healthy pasta that suits my healthy lifestyle!

Lynn W.

I love Tolerant because it’s made with simple ingredients that I can pronounce. I also love the high fiber and protein content…what’s not to love about Tolerant pasta? It’s the best legume pasta on the market, and I have been using it in all my pasta dishes for over 2 years.

Tim W.

I love Tolerant pasta because it is pure plant-based goodness. It has no added sugar, salt, or other unnecessary additives. And very importantly, it is delicious! Trust me, I’m a pasta connoisseur.