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Why Choose Tolerant Character Who Loves Tolerant

Who Loves Tolerant?

Tolerant makes a difference in people’s lives! The power of the high protein legume is endless. Is Tolerant right for you?

Family Icon

Kids / Families

A tasty, healthy way to get more nutritional value into daily meals.

Pasta shapes are more fun to eat than plain old beans!

Picky eaters won’t even know that they are eating legumes-looks and tastes just like pasta!

1 cup provides a full serving of vegetables.

Allergen free.

Vegetarian Vegan Icon

Vegetarian / Vegan

Provides a substantial boost to daily protein intake.

Replaces protein sources high on the allergen chart such as soy or anything containing gluten as a solidifier.

Adds variety to daily diet delivering the goodness of legumes in a traditional pasta shapes.

Creates a protein rich base to meal preparation.

Restricted Diet Icon

Restricted Diet

Provides protein nutrition from plant based source.

Low on the glycemic index. Low glycemic foods help to lower blood glucose levels.

The American Heart Association, the American Cancer Society and American Diabetes Association recommend legumes as a key food group for preventing disease and optimizing health.

Athlete Icon


Plant-based proteins provide sustainable energy that last throughout workouts or games.

Legumes naturally contain some of all the essential aminos to help build muscle.

Add to lean turkey or eggs to increase intake of amino acids.

No crash and burn - just healthy complex carbohydrates

Healthy Icon

Healthy Lifestyle / Flexitarian

Can be enjoyed on its own as a complete, naturally fortified meal. Combined with vegetables or additional ingredients, makes it a SUPER meal.

Substitute a diet rich in meat with a 6oz portion of cooked legume pasta 2-3 times a week.

Increases daily fiber intake and complex carbohydrates.

GF Icon

Gluten Free

Naturally gluten-free.

ONLY organic, NON-GMO red lentils, green lentils, black beans and pea flour are used.

Produced in a dedicated gluten-free, allergen free environment.

No strange texture - looks and tastes just like regular pasta.