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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a legume?

A legume, sometimes known as a pulse, is the edible seed of pod-bearing plants such as lentils, beans, peas and chickpeas.

How many ingredients are in TOLERANT Pasta products?

TOLERANT Simply Legumes™ products contain just ONE ingredient, either organic red lentil, organic green lentil or organic black bean flour. TOLERANT® Balanced Blend varieties contain just TWO ingredients: Organic Chickpea Flour and Organic White Rice Flour. TOLERANT® Veggie Legume Blends include THREE ingredients: Organic Green Lentil Flour, Organic Corn Flour and Organic Vegetable Powder.

Are any of your ingredients sourced from China?

No. We do not source any of our raw materials from China. Our legumes primarily come from Canada and Turkey.  TOLERANT has established very high sourcing standards to insure that our products contain only the highest quality ingredients.

Are TOLERANT products made in an allergen free facility? Does it include nuts, dairy, egg, sesame and soy? 

Yes, all TOLERANT pasta products are made in an allergen free facility and are 100% allergen free including nuts, dairy, egg, sesame and soy.  

How much more protein is there in TOLERANT products than in ordinary wheat pasta products?

In a 3oz portion of TOLERANT one ingredient penne, rotini, or mini fettuccine you will find 21 to 22 grams of protein versus a 3oz portion of wheat pasta which contains 3.5 grams. Our Energy Legume Blend contains 18-19g of protein.

Why do the carb counts seem so high in TOLERANT products?

A 3oz portion contains 55g of total carbohydrates. Remember, total carbohydrates include both carbs and fiber. Ideally, you would look at net carbs. Simply subtract the fiber from total carbs to get the net carb total. TOTAL CARBS (53g) – Fiber (11g) = NET Carbs (42g)

Do you add sugars to your pastas?

The only sugars in our pastas are naturally occurring from the legumes themselves. Absolutely nothing is added.

Can you replace meat with TOLERANT?

Legumes are the main source of protein for people who don’t eat meat, and TOLERANT pastas are made with either organic non-GMO Black Bean or organic non-GMO Red Lentils. Legumes are a staple food in many countries – lentils in India, chickpeas in the Middle East and pinto beans in Mexico.

When I cook TOLERANT, the water appears cloudy and foamy, is the normal?

Totally normal! Since our pasta is entirely made from legumes, the water may be more cloudy than when cooking traditional pasta. It is the natural process of the starches cooking out of the legumes. Be sure to use a LARGE pan, often larger than you normally would to allow for the foam.

My TOLERANT pasta broke apart and was clumpy after cooking. What did I do wrong? 

Because we do not add any fillers or binders you are actually cooking beans. Be sure to NOT overcook the product, clumping usually means that it has been overcooked.  It’s  always best to check doneness right before the lowest cook time noted on the box to monitor how the product will cook on your cooktop. Drain the product right after cooking and RINSE  to stop the cooking process.

Why is TOLERANT so expensive?

Tolerant is not pasta but instead is organic legumes that look and taste like pasta! Because the organic legume market is significantly smaller, the supply is at a premium. We only source and use legumes that meet our high standard.


What is the best way to enjoy TOLERANT?

The beauty of Tolerant is that you can enjoy our legume pastas the same way you enjoy traditional pastas but with more health benefits. Cook them up just like you would pasta and toss with your favorite sauces, spices, vegetables – any way you choose it’s your creation!

What certifications has TOLERANT® acquired?

TOLERANT has officially acquired the following certificates: GLUTEN FREE (GFCO), USDA and Canada ORGANIC, NON-GMO Project, VEGAN and KOSHER. Our facilities are SQF (Safe Quality Food) certified.